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Singer and composer Kalyani Nair’s new EP is the culmination of over a decade of collaboration with fellow musicians and singers

The Indian Choral Ensemble | United we sing

The Indian Choral Ensemble | United we sing

Aditya Shrikrishna

ISSUE DATE: Sep 18, 2023 | UPDATED: Sep 7, 2023 19:22 IST

Kalyani Nair might have begun in the mainstream singing popular compositions under music director Vidyasagar around 2005, but in some counterintuitive fashion, she’s more famous for her independent efforts like Harmonize Projekt and Yodhakaa. On the cinema front, even as work with regular collaborators like Santhosh Narayanan, Sean Roldan and Pradeep Kumar followed, she was always tied to the indie scene as a singer and arranger, and now, with The Indian Choral Ensemble, a mixed vocal group (whose most recent contribution can be seen in Coke Studio Tamil) with singers from all over the country. It’s a project she founded with Karthik Manickavasagam. She’s out with her EP as a composer, and the first song, ‘Nam Tham’, released at the end of July.

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