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The upcoming K-drama, ‘The Worst of Evil’ featuring Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Jun, Kim Hyung Seo, and Im Se Mi in leading roles, is set to premiere on September 27 on Disney+. New stills from the drama have recently been released.


Disney Plus’ upcoming original K-drama series, ‘The Worst of Evil,’ will premiere on September 27, 2023. It features Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon in a gripping crime drama set in 1990s South Korea.

The streaming site took to their social media handle and posted stills from ‘The Worst of Evil’ and wrote, “More than intense! Worst Evil Cinematic Edition. Unrivaled breathtaking moment revealed. September 27, only on Disney+! (sic)”

Check out the stills below:

'The worst of evil' new stills
'The worst of evil' new stills
'The worst of evil' new stills
'The worst of evil' new stills
'The worst of evil' new stills
'The worst of evil' new stills
'The worst of evil' new stills

The K-drama, consisting of 12 episodes, belongs to the genre of crime, action and thriller. It has been directed by Park Geum-beom and Han Dong-wook, and the script is penned by Jang Min-suk. The storyline revolves around undercover police investigators in the 1990s who strive to infiltrate a large criminal organization responsible for the illicit drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan.


Ji Chang-wook portrays Park Joon-mo, a cop who infiltrates Gangnam Alliance to probe the drug trade. Wi Ha-jun plays Jung Ki-chul, the ruthless leader of Gangnam Alliance. Other key characters include Im Se-mi as Yoo Eui-jung, an elite narcotics officer, and BIBI as Hae Ryun, who plays a pivotal role in the Chinese drug factory’s distribution. The drama, produced under Kakao Entertainment, has completed filming and is highly anticipated by fans.

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