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Shubhra Gupta’s ‘Irrfan: A Life in Movies’ is a collection of conversations with Irrfan Khan’s close associates

'Irrfan: A Life in Movies' by Shubhra Gupta | Pan Macmillan | Rs 899 | 408 pages

‘Irrfan: A Life in Movies’ by Shubhra Gupta | Pan Macmillan | Rs 899 | 408 pages

Sunil Sethi

ISSUE DATE: Sep 11, 2023 | UPDATED: Sep 1, 2023 16:59 IST

Not long before Irrfan Khan’s death from cancer in 2020, Naseeruddin Shah received a message from him saying “Knock, knock, Naseer bhai”. Shah promptly rang him to ask how he was feeling. After a diversionary chat, Irrfan spoke words that moved Shah deeply: “Ab kya karein, how many people have the opportunity to see death approaching?…I wanted to do more with my life, but never got the chance. I don’t hold that against fate.”

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