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Stand-up comic Vir Das is about to embark on his biggest world tour to date

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Mumbai,ISSUE DATE: Sep 4, 2023 | UPDATED: Aug 25, 2023 19:50 IST

I come from an Indiaâ€æ” When Vir Das voiced those words in a seven-minute video uploaded on his YouTube channel on November 15, 2021, little did he know he’d become the headline. The ‘Two Indias’ spoken word would earn the stand-up comic and actor many brickbats as well as a few bouquets. Somewhere it hit a nerve as viewers came up with their own reflections on the unsettling dualities of India. In the video’s aftermath, Das shunned the media and had a few of his gigs in India cancelled. He later addressed the controversy in a Netflix special, Landing, his best and most-watched so far. “What I learned in a reasonably hard way is that your content may become controversial, but controversy should never become your content,” says Das, reflecting on the episode. “I made sure that I write a joke about how what happened was ridiculous and make it one that both sides could laugh at.”

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