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Why record numbers of Indian students are heading to international universities

Shelly Anand

New Delhi,ISSUE DATE: Jul 17, 2023 | UPDATED: Jul 7, 2023 20:07 IST

(Photo montage: Bandeep Singh)

(Photo montage: Bandeep Singh)

Devanshi Sood is all of 18 and all set to fly out to the US next month to pursue the course of her dreams. Sood studied PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics) at Heritage Xperiential School, Gurugram, and has opted for a four-year bachelor’s in Computational Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology, US. “This degree will offer me room to experiment,” she says, “and help me with my interest in environment technology, a subject for which there is a huge market in the US.” Sood is choosing to go west because the subject she is primarily interested in pursuing is not available in India, and it also allows her to explore her interests in diverse subjects. “I like science and computers,” she says, “but also literature and political science.”

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